The Travel Diaries - The Lake District


So William and I have just returned from a short relaxing week in the Lake District.

I have wanted to visit for so long and really happy that I finally got to see a small part of it! We stayed in the most amazing lodges at Keswick Reach. I can't recommend them enough, the lodge was self catering, with everything you could possible need, a bathroom bigger that the upstairs of our house and a private Jacuzzi. (Which we took complete advantage of at every opportunity!)


So Monday we left late morning at about 11am and made our way up the country. We stopped to grab some food and eventually reached the lodges at about 5pm.

The first thing we did was unpack our bags, eat some dinner and head straight into the Jacuzzi!


Tuesday was the day we would climb Skiddaw and the weather was good to us today. The views from the top were so lovely, but it was so, so windy!

I also realised that I had completely forgotten to pack myself a coat, hat or gloves! You might wonder why I would need them in Spring, but its very cold at the top of the mountains!

We managed to climb and return from Skiddaw in 3.5 hours, which I am really happy with, however, I ended up with blisters on my heels so had to make a trip to the local supermarket in Cockermouth to get some plasters.

On the way back home we headed to a nearby pub and both had some baked camembert for lunch. (Note, there is a cheese theme on this trip)

After we got home, we baked up some jacket potatoes (beans and cheese of course) and played Cluedo. Well, attempted to teach ourselves to play!


Today we decided to take it a little bit more easy, as my feet were still in a bit of pain and I was wearing my sandals to help. My feet were so cold!

We drove into Keswick and parked up by lake Derwent water to go and have a walk around, see the ducks and then walked into the town centre. The shops were cute and they were also filming the new Peter Rabbit film just before we arrived. I managed to pick myself up a new hat and gloves from the bargain bin!

We then found a cute little place to eat called Cafe Bar 26 and I had a mozzarella and cheddar toastie. Will went for the full English!

We wanted to do a bit more walking so headed back to the lodge so that I could put on some base layers and my walking boots then we went back out and headed to Lake Windermere.

After a short climb we were at the top of Orrest head which gave just beautiful views. We stayed a short while and then headed to a nice local supermarket to get some Fillet Steaks and chocolate puddings for dinner!

A short walk along the bridal path to watch the sunset and then another go in the Jacuzzi, hot chocolate and Trivial Pursuit and we were ready for some zzz's.


Today is the day we went for the climb up Scaffel Pike! The tallest mountain in England, which was up in the clouds on this day!

The climb up went really well, my feet did not hurt to much and William lent me his walking poles, which were amazing. We managed to Summit in about 2.5 hours and decided to go a different way down, which ended up taking us the entire afternoon, but the views we just stunning. Mother nature makes you feel so insignificant sometimes. I feel super chuffed that I have now climbed the highest peak in Wales and England and so proud that William has done all 3, which includes the highest peak in Scotland.

After we made it back to the car, we drove back to the apartment and booked ourselves a table at the on site restaurant. We were both tired and I was so completely out of energy from the walk! We both went for the burger and chips and it was so yummy, but there was defiantly no room for dessert afterwards.

Straight into the hot tub and we then decided to light up the log burner. The smell is so comforting and it so cozy! But off to bed as Friday we are returning home.


Up early and all packed up, we left the lodge at about 10am. I'm sad to leave but I do miss my cat and bed a lot! We got home in the evening and even though I'm still a little achey from the walking I had such a great time away with William. X

Banana Brownies!



140g Caster Sugar
140g Butter
2 Eggs
140g Self Raising Flour
1 Banana
Chocolate Chips
Bar of Cooking Chocolate
1 tsp Vanilla Essence


Put butter and sugar in a bowl and mix together until creamy

Add the eggs, Vanilla and mix

Add flour and banana and the chocolate chips, mix

Separate into two bowls and melt 1/3 of the chocolate and mix into one 

Put the mixtures into a cake tin and bake for about 25 mins at 180 (fan)

Cover with the rest of the chocolate melted, and some sparkles

Eat, yummy! Xx

Saturday Vibes ✌🏻


Saturday Vibes ✌🏻

Cuffed skinny jeans
£180 -

Converse star sneaker

Long wearing lipstick
£30 -

Gucci spray perfume
£76 -

A week of Pescetarianism!

I am in no means a dietitian or nutritionist. 
I took this on because I wanted to see the affects of cutting meat out of my diet for a month..

What is Pescetarianism?

According to Wikipedia It is the practice of following a diet that includes fish or other seafood, but not the flesh of other animals. Most pescatarians maintain a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet with the addition of fish and shellfish.

Day 1

I'm feeling really positive about the next 30 days. The only thing I think I will miss is fillet steak. 

I love fillet steak. 
But, I feel like I'm good and I can live without it. I just don't like the way that we slaughter our livestock and this is one of the main reasons I'm trying this.

I want to see if embarking on this challenge will make any noticeable difference to my weight and or size.

Day 2

Fish all the way.

Day 4

6pm - I'm looking forward to my 'fake' kiev.

7pm - I did not like my 'fake' kiev one bit.

Day 5

6pm - I really want a Chilli. William is making one and it smells so good. BUT, I remember back to a really nice bean chilli I cooked once, from a recipe I had with Hello Fresh, which contained no meat and I'm going to dig out the recipe today and batch cook some up for next week, so I have some easy meals to microwave for dinner.

7.30pm - I still dont know what to have for dinner. I just dont fancy any of the 'fake' chicken in the freezer. I've realised that the problem is I've bought to many things I wouldn't havent even eaten if they were chicken. I dont eat Kievs anyway as I dont like eating over processed chicken if I can help it.  

I've decided that soup is the way forward.

8.30pm - SHIT. I've been boiling my soup for an hour and completely forgotten about it. Burnt broccoli for me.

8.45pm - I added WAY too much stilton. So I have the smallest portion  of soup ever. I decide that if not eating meat doesn't help me loose weight, then I will loose weight by just not eating anything. This sucks.

Day 6

Back to feeling super positive. I can do this. I feel a little bit lethargic, but I dont know if thats just me, due to a lack of excersise, lack of sunshine and over studying. We shall see.

I also don't really miss chicken at all, which is weird.

I've also come across a really interesting documentary today on BBC 3, called 'Clean eatings dirty secrets' I't presented by Gracie Francesca (The ugly face of beauty) and it's really opened my eyes to people who believe that clean eating is the way forward.

Very clean eating is essentially quite serious when taken to extremes. 

We need all types of food groups in our diet; dairy, carbohydrates, fats, and protein. 

Becoming obsessive with this now has a term - 'Orthorexia, meaning Ortho = Correct and Orexin = eating. 

I never knew that this word and issue even existed and there are people on Youtube, and the big wide world of the internet claiming to know the best way to eat, when really these people are not trained and can be doing themselves more harm than good by not giving their body everything that it needs. 

I am all for a varied diet. 

I believe that you can still treat yourself, just do it in moderation and not every day. If anything watching this programme has made me realise meat is really quite an essential part of our diets.

I feel like this challenge is really making me review my eating before. I occasionally prepared meals in advance and froze them, when we had leftovers. But today I have cooked meals which are just for the freezer and not for eating now. So I've written out a menu for the upcoming week. And I'm realising how bloody hard this really is!

If you are interested in reading about other peoples accounts of 30 days being a Pescatarian, you can visit these links;

Give Me Back My Five Bucks

Chronicled Blog

What I'm eating;

Bean chilli
Bean Chilli
Oh and more bean chilli.

How I'm feeling;

Fed up
Like this is taking over my life. 

Food is no longer a small part of my evening when I get in from work each night. It is so much more than that now. Every meal I have to really think about. All I want is a sweet and sour chineese chicken! Boo.

What i miss;

Fillet steak
Chilli's - With real meat!
Sweet and sour chicken - hong kong style.

Day 7

I give up!

I feel like a failure, but this is too much for me.

I take my hats off to those of you who live a fully pescatarian and vegetarian life - your amazing. XX